Advisory Circular- 28 April, 2020


Guidance for Transport of Cargo and Mail in the Passenger Compartment for Aircraft Configured for the Carriage of Passengers

With the outbreak of COVID-19 and subsequent lockdown in the country there is an increase demand for cargo operations to transport emergency and humanitarian supplies as well as other essential goods using existing passenger category aircraft. Considering the challenging situation, the country is facing, the Authority has issued this Advisory Circular (AC) to guide all Air Operators that wish to use the aircraft configured for the carriage of passengers to safely transport cargo and/or mail, including loading cargo in the passenger cabin.

Passenger aircraft are not certified to carry cargo on passenger seats or cargo unit load devices (pallets or containers) in the passenger cabin secured on the seat tracks. However, some operators are evaluating the reconfiguration of passenger aircraft by loading cargo on the passenger seats or by removal of the passenger seats to increase the volume available for the carriage of cargo. Any reconfiguration of an aircraft in this manner requires full evaluation of cargo restraints connected directly to the seat tracks to ensure structural loads are within design limits and the appropriate restraint system is applied. Reconfiguration of the aircraft also requires a formal authorisation from the Authority.

Before considering such operation, Operators are required to perform a comprehensive safety risk assessment involving all the relevant operational departments (i.e. ground, cargo, cabin, flight and engineering).

Download: Advisory Circular- CAA-AC-AWS035 (PDF)

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