Notice of Expression of Interest for Debt Collection Services Procurement REF: CAA/CONS/18-19/00021

Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) is a Government Statutory Entity responsible for the promotion of the safe, secure and efficient development of Civil Aviation inside and outside Uganda.

1. Summary of Scope
Uganda Civil Aviation Authority seeks to procure the services of a consultant/firm to collect debts on its behalf. The Entity requires the services of a competent firm/consultant to expeditiously collect amounts owed by debtors including government agencies for use of its services and facilities at agreed rates derived competitively.

2. Eligibility
Interested firms/consultants should provide information demonstrating that they are eligible and possess the required qualifications to perform the services supported with relevant documentation.

The short listing criteria/evaluation criteria/documentation required shall include;
a. A signed application expressing interest to be shortlisted for debt collection services by person/persons nominated in the Powers of Attorney on the firm’s/consultant’s letterhead. (Indicate if you will be expressing interest as a joint venture/in association where applicable)

b. Preliminary examination to determine eligibility of the firm shall include examination of the following documents which shall be submitted to UCAA (i) Certificate of registration/Incorporation or equivalent (ii) Registered Powers of Attorney or Notarised Powers of Attorney for foreign firms, (firms in joint venture should submit a Registered or Notarised Powers of Attorney for each firm in the Joint Venture, and Joint Powers of Attorney authorising signature on behalf of the Joint Venture) (iii) A valid & relevant Trading License for the Year 2019 or equivalent (iv) A Tax Clearance Certificate for the Year 2019 or equivalent

c. Note: Firms/consultants in Joint Venture are required to each provide copies of the eligibility documents (see 2(b)(i), (iii), (iv).

d. Profile of the Consultant/Joint Venture firms

e. Experience of the Consultant in collection of debts

f. Availability of appropriate staff and qualifications

g. A signed statement indicating that the Consultant does not have conflict of interest in the subject of the procurement, is not insolvent and has not been suspended by the PPDA on the firm’s/consultant’s letterhead

h. Any other information to support the bidder’s qualification/experience for the assignment
Note: Consultants may associate/joint venture with other firms/consultants.
Non Ugandan bidders must associate with Ugandans in line with PPDA guideline number 1/2017
(Promotion of local content in Public Procurement)

3. Bid Submission
Expressions of Interest with 01 (One) original, and 01 (one) copy (2 hard copies and 1 soft copy on FLASH DISK) must be delivered to the address below in a sealed envelope or packaging clearly marked “Expression of Interest for Provision of Consultancy Services for Debt Collection ref: CAA/CONS/18-19/00021” not later than Monday, 9th September 2019 at 11:00am. Late submissions shall not be allowed.

Expression of Interest Notice Format issued by PPDA 2014
Interested eligible consultants may obtain further information regarding the detailed Terms of Reference at the address given below from 09:00am to 5:00pm Local time.

4. Address of UCAA
Ag. Manager Procurement
Room 204, 2nd Floor UCAA Head Office
Airport Road, Entebbe
P.O. BOX 5536 Kampala, TEL:0312352053/4
E-mail: copy to


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