Notice of Expression of Interest for Provision of Consultancy Services for design of the new Air Traffic Control (ATC) Tower Complex at Entebbe International Airport – (CAA/CONS/17-18/00030)

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is a Government statutory Entity responsible for the promotion of the safe, secure and efficient development of Civil Aviation inside and outside Uganda.

The Civil Aviation Authority owns and operates Entebbe International Airport and 13 domestic Aerodromes, and is also responsible for the provision of Air Navigation Services.

CAA intends to construct a new Control Tower to replace the existing Control Tower. The existing Tower, constructed in the 1970s, houses; Air Navigation Services (ANS) headquarters, Area Control centre (ACC), Approach & Tower units, CNS Equipment Rooms, AIS/AIM units, National Meteorological Office & Forecasting centre and offices with critical limitations such as space, design & structure and unable to meet the current aviation demands for CNS/ATM current and future technologies.

The new design will address the current limitations with options of modification/expansion of the existing Tower complex, detachment of some units from the existing tower to a new location or a complete new establishment, while addressing the immediate, short term and long term CNS/ATM requirements.

The scope of the work will involve, but not limited to the following;

  1. Siting Criteria and Siting of the new Tower with in Entebbe International Airport
  2. Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Conceptual Design & Layout
  1. Architectural, Structural, Electro-mechanical and trucking designs and approvals
  2. BOQs for Civil, Electrical, IT and Mechanical works with cost estimates
  3. Change management report
  • Initial Implementation strategy of the design.



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