UCAA to provide bigger prayer space for Muslims at Airport

What you need to know:

Nakadama commended UCAA for successfully changing the face of Entebbe International Airport with a good looking terminal that “many Ugandans are now proud of.”

The Third Deputy Prime Minister, Ms Rukia Nakadama, has urged Entebbe International Airport authorities to provide bigger space at the airport to enable Muslims conduct their prayers.

“I have been sharing with the Director General of Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) that the Muslims should have a place for prayers because if you go to other international airports, there’s a praying place for Muslims,” Ms Nakadama said.

“He has assured me that in the on-going construction works, there is an adequate provision for the Muslims’ prayer place, so it is already in their plan. It is also important for other faiths, but more important for Muslims because they pray five times a day,”

She said during an Iftar-dinner hosted by UCAA in honor of the community and stakeholders at the UCAA head offices on April 3, 2024

Adopted from: The Daily Monitor April 04  2024

Entebbe sustains lift during January 2024

In Summary

Entebbe international Airport posted a 31pc surge in passenger traffic during January relative to the comparable.

Entebbe international Airport posted a 31pc surge in passenger traffic during January relative to the comparable period for January 2023. A total of 196,211 international passengers passed through the facility during the month, indicating sustained lift that mirrored the historical peak of198,981 passengers that used the airport in December 2023.

January’s numbers represented a daily average of 6329 – marginally lower than December 2023s 6,418- but 31.48pc ahead of the daily average for January 2023.

Vianney Luggya Mpungu, the manager for public affairs at the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority, attributed January’s robust performance to the twin Non-Aligned Movement NAM and G-77 plus China summits that Uganda hosted during the month. The two events added 1918 visitors.

“The rise in January 2024 passenger traffic is partly attributed to Uganda’s hosting of the NAM and G77 Summits in January 2024,” Luggya said in remarks to the press.

Arrivals outpaced departures with 99,216 inbound and 96995 outbound during the reference period.

Cargo performance remained virtually unchanged from a year ago with 5,183 tons registered during January 2024 against 5014 tons in January 2023. Exports dominated with 364 tons against imports of 1579 tons.

Overall, January’s performance represents a continuation of the trend from 2023 which closed with 1,932,000 international passengers. That marked Entebbe Internationals full recovery from the disruptions caused by Covid-19 shutdowns that intensified between March 2020 and December 2021.

Entebbe is currently connected to 32 airports in 19 countries. As of this week, 315 departures are scheduled. At 61 flights, Entebbe-Nairobi remains the busiest route accounting for 19.3pc of all departures over the seven days to February 25.

Adopted from: 256 Business News February 20, 2024

Entebbe International Airport: A Beacon of Growth and Potential in Uganda

Entebbe International Airport saw a record-breaking start to 2024 with 196,211 passengers, hosting major global summits, and handling 5,183 metric tonnes of cargo. The airport’s growth reflects Uganda’s increasing prominence on the international stage.

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Entebbe International Airport: A Beacon of Growth and Potential in Uganda
Entebbe International Airport: A Beacon of Growth and Potential in Uganda

In the serene heart of Uganda, Entebbe International Airport, a gateway to the Pearl of Africa, recorded a bustling start to 2024. January saw an influx of 196,211 international passengers, marking the second-highest traffic in a single month for the airport.

This surge included 99,216 arriving guests and 96,995 departing, averaging an impressive 6,329 passengers daily. This remarkable period in the airport’s history was not just a testament to its capacity but also to Uganda’s growing prominence on the international stage, underscored by its role in hosting pivotal global summits.

Uganda: At the Crossroads of Diplomacy and Tourism

The significant uptick in passenger traffic can be attributed to Uganda’s hosting of several high-profile international summits, including the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), IGAD, and G77+ China meetings. These events turned the spotlight on Uganda, drawing 1,918 delegates from across the globe.

The convergence of diplomats, policymakers, and international dignitaries not only showcased Uganda’s diplomatic prowess but also its burgeoning tourism and hospitality sectors. Entebbe, with its natural beauty and strategic location, proved to be more than just a host; it became a vibrant meeting point for cultures, ideas, and global partnerships.ADVERTISEMENT

The Economic Pulse: Cargo Through the Clouds

Beyond the foot traffic, January 2024 was also a noteworthy period for cargo movement through Entebbe International Airport. A total of 5,183 metric tonnes of cargo was handled, comprising 1,579 metric tonnes of imports and a significant 3,604 metric tonnes of exports.

This cargo movement is a strong indicator of Uganda’s economic activities, reflecting both the country’s demand for international goods and its growing role as a global exporter. The bustling cargo terminals, alongside passenger corridors, underscored the airport’s critical role in facilitating not just people but also the flow of goods and services across borders.

A Beacon of Growth and Potential

Entebbe International Airport’s record-setting performance in January is more than just a statistic. It is a narrative of growth, resilience, and potential. As the world opens up post-pandemic, airports like Entebbe are pivotal in connecting nations, fostering economic opportunities, and promoting cultural exchanges.

The successful handling of international summits and the efficient management of both passenger and cargo traffic are testaments to Uganda’s commitment to becoming a central hub in Africa’s aviation landscape. With strategic investments and a focus on enhancing its facilities, Entebbe is poised to soar even higher in the coming years.

As the dust settles on a bustling January, Entebbe International Airport looks ahead to the future. The record numbers in passenger and cargo traffic are not just milestones to be celebrated but stepping stones to greater achievements.

Uganda’s strategic positioning, both geographically and diplomatically, coupled with the relentless spirit of its people, sets the stage for a future where Entebbe is not just a point of transit but a destination in its own right. The story of Entebbe International Airport in January 2024 is a chapter in Uganda’s ongoing narrative of progress and aspiration, a narrative that promises even more thrilling sequels in the years to come.

Adopted from: BNN Sunday February 18, 2024

How govt eased travels with e-passport at Entebbe Airport

What you need to know:

  • The system was specifically designed for Ugandan citizens, according to government.

In an effort to increase efficiency and security, the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration control (DCIC) has announced that all Ugandans arriving from abroad have the option to utilize the self-clearance gates at Entebbe International Airport.

The new e-gates at the airport will speed up passport control by allowing passengers to scan their own passports. It uses facial recognition to verify identity and captures the travelers’ images.

Ministry of Internal Affairs spokesperson Simon Mundeyi Wednesday told Monitor that people flying into Uganda will be required to provide fingerprints and undergo facial scanning for authentication and verification of the data on the passport chip. “We encouraged Ugandans to adopt this technology since it’s efficient, saves time and minimizes errors. The e-gate machines at the airport have advanced technology which is tailored specifically to expedite the clearance process,” Mundeyi observed.

“We are many stations at the airport and they are only for Ugandans arriving back home with the new electronic passports which contain a chip, which is readable by the machines,” he added.

But Mundeyi expressed concern that the gates are underutilized as Ugandans prefer interacting with people rather than machines even as machines are available at multiple points, but visibly left unused as people queue at immigration officer points.

“It’s essential to emphasize that this system was specifically designed for Ugandan citizens,” he said.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs spokesperson, Mr Simon Peter Mundeyi, displays the new electronic passports (left) and the ones phased out (right), at the ministry’s headquarters in Kampala on June 26, 2023. PHOTO/FRANK BAGUMA. 

Last year, government announced the upgrade of paper-based e-passport to polycarbonate e-passports designed with strong anti-fraud features, making them suitable for use at the new electronic gates at the airport for self-clearance, automated boarding pass issuance, and quick passenger processing around the world.

According to immigration, as per last week, they had issued out only 1,346,560 passports -both paper based and polycarbonate– from the time they phased out EA passports in 2018, noting that over 43 million Ugandans don’t have passports.

Despite significant government investment in passport technology, Mundeyi said the anticipated surge has not yielded.

“Many Ugandans only apply for passports when they have a specific reason, such as travel or employment abroad,” he told Monitor.

“As the passport office, we would feel glad to have many Ugandans apply for passports. Therefore, we put in place a new system because we anticipated 3,000 passport applications per day but to our surprise, the number has reduced to less than 1,000 applicants per day,” he said.

According to Internal Affairs ministry, express passport applications are now disposed of in two days with applicants receiving their passports while for ordinary applicants get their passports in 10 working days.

“If you apply for an express passport, you will be given an appointment in the next 30 minutes. I therefore call upon Ugandans to desist from using brokers to apply for passports because there is no reason to do this when the system is as efficient as it can be,” Mundeyi said.

How the e-gate works

1. Touch the screen

2. ⁠ Place your passport and scan it and hold it until the machine tells you to remove the passport

3. You identify if the scanned passport and the person in the system as identified is yourself by touching yes

4. ⁠ You select the flight used and the element of returning citizen

5. You proceed to look into the camera which is above the screen so that the system can match your facial features with the record in the ABC

6. ⁠ Finally, it will issue you a ticket that you will proceeded to use at the e-gates. The gates open by scanning the barcode on the ticket and looking straight into the camera for face capture.

Adopted from: The Daily Monitor Wednesday February 14, 2024

Entebbe Airport Expansion and Uganda’s Latest Developments

Uganda’s aviation sector stands poised for a significant upgrade as the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) announced that the expanded apron at Entebbe International Airport will soon be capable of accommodating up to 100 parked aircraft. This development marks a significant stride in the nation’s aviation infrastructure, poised to bolster its position on the global aviation map.

Entebbe Airport’s Expansion

Entebbe International Airport, Uganda’s primary gateway to the outside world, is currently undergoing a comprehensive upgrade and expansion. The project, led by the China Communications Construction Company (CCCC), includes the construction of a new terminal building and the expansion of aprons. The new terminal is scheduled for completion by July 2024.

The expanded apron, as announced by the UCAA, is part of this larger project and its impending readiness is a key milestone in this expansive initiative. The ability to accommodate up to 100 parked aircraft will significantly increase the airport’s capacity and efficiency, paving the way for enhanced connectivity and a potential boost in tourism.

Additional Developments at Entebbe

In addition to the apron expansion, the airport will also see the completion of a new cargo center, and the resurfacing of runways and associated taxiways. These improvements are a part of a concerted effort to modernize Uganda’s aviation infrastructure and align it with international standards.

Implications for Uganda

The overhaul of Entebbe International Airport plays a crucial role in Uganda’s economic development strategy. By enhancing its aviation infrastructure, the country is not only improving its connectivity but also signaling its readiness to attract global business and tourism. With the airport’s capacity significantly increased, it is also expected to boost local employment and stimulate ancillary industries.

Adopted from: BNN Breaking New January 14, 2024

Modified Entebbe airport terminal ready for launch

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

What you need to know:

  • All mechanisms have been put in place to ensure that delegates are smoothly welcomed into the country and as well seen off at ease.
  • During the UCAA’s stakeholder meeting in Kampala on December 4, the UCAA executive director, Mr Fred Bamwesigye, said they are ready to accommodate 70 aircraft, should each of the expected head of state come with theirs, depending on the type.

Adopted from: The Daily Monitor Wednesday January 10, 2024

It is the Kagombe’s affair at 2023 Uganda Civil Aviation Authority Seniors Golf Open


The UCAA seniors tournament is a signature event in the activities of the annual Aviation week.

Uganda Civil Aviation Authority Seniors Golf Open 2023

Overall winners:

  • Men: Charles Kagombe – 137 Net
  • Ladies: Edrae Kagombe – 142 Net

Gross winners:https://56a73cace62a116d9a26e191fbe88965.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-40/html/container.html

  • Men: J.B Ahn – 156 Gross
  • Ladies: Katy Kabenge – 171 Gross

It was the Kagombe family affair as the 2023 Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) sponsored seniors’ golf open championship climaxed at the par-72 Uganda Golf Club in Kampala on Sunday, 3rd December.

The Kagombe entity of Charles and wife Edrae were the men and ladies respective overall winners (net scores) during the two-day championship that attracted over 100 golfers.

L-R: Charles Kagombe, Fred K. Bamwesigye, Edrae Kagombe and Charles Katarikawe during the closure of the 2023 UCAA Seniors Golf tournament in Kampala | Credit: David Isabirye
Charles and Edrae Kagombe dance off at the Uganda Golf Club Terraces | Credit: David Isabirye

Charles tallied a total of 137 net scores played over 36 holes in two days while Edrae had 142 net to topple the rest of the field.

“The preparations were spot on and we had two perfect rounds” Charles, a member of Mbarara Golf Club spoke.

Fred Bamwesigye swings off during the official tee-off on Tee-box 1 at Uganda Golf Club, Kampala

The tournament was officially teed off by Fred K. Bamwesigye, the Director General of Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCCA).

Bamwesigye also witnessed the hand-over of prizes and the closing ceremony of the tournament on Sunday evening.https://56a73cace62a116d9a26e191fbe88965.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-40/html/container.html

Fred K. Bamwesigye with his speech

Gross winners:

J.B Ahn (156 Gross) and Dr. Katy Kabenge (171 Gross) emerged top gross players in the men and female categories respectively.

Other top performers:

The platinum (80+ Years) was won by Virdee Amerjeet with 160 Net. This was the first time that this category was rewarded.

Senior golfers before swinging off

Gold (70-79 Years):

Chairman of Uganda Senior Golfing Society (USGS) Charles Katarikawe scored 147 Net to win the gold cluster (70-79 years).

Katarikawe came top ahead of Edward Kanyesigye (148 Net) and Chris Mutegyeki (150 Net).

Silver (65-69 Years):

teven Katwiremu won the silver category (65-69 years) with 143 Net ahead of Kida Nobuyashi (145 Net) and Sam Onek (147 Net).

Bronze (55-64 Years):

In the bronze section (55-64 years category), Dominic Tumwesigye was winner with 139 Net.

John Muchiri (146 Net) and Tushar Doshi (147 Net on Countback) followed suit in the first and second runners up positions respectively.https://56a73cace62a116d9a26e191fbe88965.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-40/html/container.html

John Muchiri receives his trophy and prize from Emmanuel Wamala (captain of Uganda Golf Club) | Credit: David Isabirye


The ladies’ senior winner was Winnie Mpaabwa with 151 Net. Jenina Nasimolo (153 Net) and Esther Okullo (155 Net) were the respective first and second runners up.


Joseph Bagabo shot longest for the men with Dr Katy Kabenge the ladies’ winner in this category.

The nearest to the pin (men) winner was Matata Onyango as Edrae Kagombe took the ladies’ gong.

Subsidiary Category:

The golfers below 55 years also took part and were categorized in the subsidiary section.

For men Group A (handicap 8.6 & Below), Paul Nuwagaba (141 Net) was winner, ahead of Michael Tumusiime – 154 Net (Countback) and the second runners up, Andrew Opio with 154 Net.

Michael Tumusiime ready to tee off | Credit: David Isabirye

Group B (8.7-16.3):

Ivan Arinaitwe won group B with 136 Net ahead of Paul Karemera (143 Net) and Mark Mayen (147 Net on countback)

Group C (16.4-28.0):

The group C section had Venny Birusya  (146 Net) as winner with the first runners up; Peter Kajubi (147 Net) and 2nd Runners up; David Tumwesigye (154 Net countback)

Dr Katy Kabenge receives her longest drive prize | Credit: David Isabirye


Group A (8.6 & Below):

The ladies subsidiary group A winner was the left handed Gloria Mbaguta with 156 Net, coming ahead of  Wendy Angudeyo (157 Net).

Group B (8.7-18.6):

Swedish based female golfer Patricia Mbabazi (146 Net) took group B ahead of Dinah Acen Ongol – 157 Net.

Group C (18.7-36.0)

Eva Araduha won group C with 153 Net with Susan Tashobya – 157 Net) as first runners as Josephine Babirye (158 Net) was second runners up.

The UCAA seniors tournament is a signature event in the activities of the annual Aviation week.

The other activities include the stake-holders engagement workshop and the Rwabushenyi memorial chess tournament.

CAA and Uganda Seniors Golfing Society officials pose for a group photo

All top performers:

Platinum (80+ Years):

  • Winner: Virdee Amerjeet – 160 Net

Gold (70-79 Years):

  • Winner: Charles Katarikawe – 147 Net
  • Runners up: Edward Kanyesigye – 148 Net
  • 2nd Runners up: Chris Mutegyeki – 150 Net

Silver (65-69 Years):

  • Winner: Steven Katwiremu – 143 Net
  • Runners up: Kida Nobuyashi – 145 Net
  • 2nd Runners up: Sam Onek – 147 Net

Bronze (55-64 Years):

  • Winner: Dominic Tumwesigye – 139 Net
  • Runners up: John Muchiri – 146 Net
  • 2nd Runners up: Tushar Doshi – 147 Net (Countback)


  • Winner: Winnie Mpaabwa – 151 Net
  • Runners up: Jenina Nasimolo – 153 Net
  • 2nd Runners up: Esther Okullo – 155 Net


  • Longest Drive (Men): Joseph Bagabo
  • Longest Drive (Ladies): Katy Kabenge
  • Nearest to the pin (Men): Matata Onyango
  • Nearest to the pin (Ladies): Edrae Kagombe

Subsidiary Category:


Group A (8.6 & Below):

  • Winner: Paul Nuwagaba – 141 Net
  • Runners up: Michael Tumusiime – 154 Net (Countback)
  • 2nd Runners up: Andrew Opio – 154 Net

Group B (8.7-16.3):

  • Winner: Ivan Arinaitwe – 136 Net
  • Runners up: Paul Karemera – 143 Net
  • 2nd Runners up: Mark Mayen – 147 Net (Countback)

Group C (16.4-28.0):

  • Winner: Venny Birusya – 146 Net
  • Runners up: Peter Kajubi – 147 Net
  • 2nd Runners up: David Tumwesigye – 154 Net (Countback)


Group A (8.6 & Below):

  • Winner: Gloria Mbaguta – 156 Net
  • Runners up: Wendy Angudeyo – 157 Net

Group B (8.7-18.6):

  • Winner: Patricia Mbabazi – 146 Net
  • Runners up: Dinah Acen Ongol – 157 Net

Group C (18.7-36.0)

  • Winner: Eva Araduha – 153 Net
  • Runners up: Susan Tashobya – 157 Net
  • 2nd Runners up: Josephine Babirye – 158 Net

Adopted from: Kawoowo Sports December 4, 2023

Entebbe airport ready for NAM, G77 guests – govt

What you need to know:

  • While speaking at the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) stakeholders’ engagement breakfast yesterday, Gen Katumba said this was because the airport has been expanded.

Entebbe International Airport can accommodate up to 70 aircraft that will carry visiting presidents during the forthcoming Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and the Group of 77 (G-77) +China Third South Summits in January next year, according to Works Minister Gen Edward Katumba Wamala.

While speaking at the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) stakeholders’ engagement breakfast yesterday, Gen Katumba said this was because the airport has been expanded.

“Unlike during [Commonwealth heads of Government Meeting] Chogm [in 2007] when we got significant issues at the airport, now we have enlarged it and it will accommodate these aircraft fully,” he said.
The two summits, which will run back-to-back in Kampala from January 15 to 23, are expected to attract more than 5,000 delegates including heads of State from 134 states.


The NAM Summit will be held under the theme: “Deepening Cooperation for Shared Global Affluence” while the G-77 Third South Summit will focus on “Leaving No One Behind.”
During Chogm, Uganda secured space for only 20 planes of the heads of State yet the conference attracted 1,500 delegates from 59 countries, including the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Gen Katumba asked UCAA to speed up the ongoing works and train their personnel to “ ensure smooth and memorable passenger experience for all while according them the famed Ugandan hospitality”. 
Speaking at the meeting, the director general of UCAA, Mr Fred Bamwesigye, said they are winding up with ongoing works, which will be completed by December 30.

“We are ready to accommodate the 70 aircraft. There are various types of aircraft but we have planned for the average, like the size of the Presidential Gulfstream… and airbuses. ..We expect both small and big and that is why we have planned for the average size,” he said.
Mr Bamwesigye added: “Our usual average has been between 50 and 60 aircraft that could usually park for a long time but we have now upgraded. And all this will not interrupt the normal operations because passengers will keep moving. We are ready to handle all of them; special teams have been organised to receive NAM visitors.”

According to Mr Bamwesigye, UCAA has undertaken various works such as building a new passenger terminal of 20,000 square metres, which will be completed in July 2024,  construction of a VVIP parking area and setting up three more aerobridges, which will  bring the total number of aerobridges to five.
On completion of all the infrastructural upgrade projects,  he said the terminal building capacity will be enhanced from the current annual maximum capacity of 2 million passengers to at least 3.5 million passengers by July next year.

He also said the new cargo centre, which is already in operation,  has capacity for 100,000 metric tones per year. 
Mr Bamwesigye added that other expansion works at the airport that have been completed in the last two years include strengthening and rehabilitation of Runway 12/30 and its associated taxiways, strengthening of Runway 17/35 and associated taxiways. 

About the summits
Uganda took over the NAM leadership in May this year, the mantle they will steer until 2026. Hosting these significant conferences is part of their responsibility.
Ms Lucy Nakyobe, the chairperson of the National Organising Committee, recently told journalists that the country is secure to receive international visitors.

Adopted from: The Daily Monitor December 6, 2023

UCAA gives Seniors Golf sh15m boost

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The Uganda Seniors Golf Association (USGA) has been handed a sh15 million boost by the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority ahead of the Seniors Open set for December 2-3.

“Our partnership with CAA has been on for many years and we are glad that it coincides with their Aviation Week, celebrated annually between 1-7 of December, ” said Charles Katarikawe, Chairman of USGA Tuesday at host venue UGC, Kitante in Kampala.

“CAA is our major sponsor for this tournament, having increased their package from sh8m to 15m, and we are happy we are now able to revert to two-days of play as originally conceived,” he added.

It is the last golf tournament in the year 2023 for the seniors who have organized other tournaments in the other regions of Uganda, North, East and Central. They will visit Western region in March.

“We at UCAA take this tournament seriously since many golfers are our clients and are frequent flyers,” Vianney Luggya the Public Affairs manager at UCAA said.

“This event consides with with Aviation week. We usually have various activities to celebrate this week with a stakeholders breakfast and the annual Cyril Rwabushenyi Memorial Chess tournament.”

The mode of play is Medal, and their will be various prizes, including Seniors platinum 80+years; Gold 70-79; Silver 65-69; Bronze 55-64; Seniors Ladies

The tournament co sponsors are Crown Beverages – Pepsi and Aquafina,  Uganda Safari Trackers, Fairway Hotel and Nation Media Group.

Adopted from: The Independent November 29, 2023

Technical Officer – Trainee

Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) is a corporate body responsible for regulation of civil aviation in Uganda and management of Entebbe International Airport (EIA) and thirteen (13) other upcountry aerodromes.

UCAA carries out its work in conformity with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs).

The Authority plans to recruit qualified Ugandans of impeccable integrity and commitment to fill the following positions in its establishment as detailed below

JOB REF                          : UCAA/ADV/EXT/12/2023



SALARY LEVEL            : 9

VACANCIES                    : 03

SUBMISSION DEADLINE : 5:00 pm on 4th December 2023

JOB PURPOSE: To acquire professional and technical skills in the field of engineering with regard to Project management, Maintenance /installation, Planning and Documentation.