CHINA: Uganda Airlines secures landing at Guangzhou Airport

Guangzhou , China | THE INDEPENDENT | Uganda Airlines has secured departure and landing slots at the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport as it prepares for the commencement of long-haul flights to the UK, Saudi Arabia and India.

The airline announced the change through its social media handles on Saturday. ” A toast to yet another great milestone! Uganda Airlines has been granted landing rights to China,” the post read.

Shakira Rahim, the airline’s spokesperson told URN that the airline will operate one flight per week to Guangzhou. She, however, says the airline is yet to get a permit to fly because it has not among others yet submitted its route plan to China’s Civil Aviation Authority.

“We are working on those details and after presenting them to the China Civil Aviation Authority-CAA, we shall let you know,” Rahim said.

Guangzhou is a major hub located in the Chinese Province of Guangdong. According to aviation figures, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport was the world’s busiest airport by passenger traffic having handled 43.8 million passengers in 2020. This was due to the impact of COVID-19 on the aviation industry worldwide. However, in 2019, the same airport was China’s third busiest and the world’s 11th busiest airport by passenger traffic, with 65.8 million passengers handled.

The flights to China will target mainly the business community, students, diplomats and permanent residents from Uganda and those the airline will pick from its ten destinations in Africa.

Uganda airlines currently operate only one international route; Dubai but it is expected to operate flights to London, Mumbai, Guangzhou and Riyadh. Earlier this week, finance minister Matia Kasaija announced that Uganda Airlines will start operations in London and Guangzhou before the end of the 2022/2023 financial year.

But the Minister of Works and Transport General Katumba Wamala says the airline has not yet got a permit to operate flights to London, even though it secured a landing slot at the London Heathrow International Airport.

Katumba, however, said a team of officials from the airline, Uganda Civil Aviation Authority-UCAA, and the Ministry of Works among others are working with support from the British High Commissioner to Uganda to engage the UK CAA to secure a permit to fly to London.

Jenifer Musiime Bamuturaki, the Acting CEO of Uganda Airlines told our reporter in January this year that the airline suffered a setback in meeting requirements after the UK exited the European Union bloc in January 2020.

Before the exit, also known as Brexit, airlines operating flights to the UK and other EU countries would apply for certificates from the European Aviation Safety Agency-EASA. But after Brexit, new Airlines must apply for a Country Operator’s Permit from the UK, a process that takes longer compared to the EU timelines.

UCAA Deputy Director-General Olive Birungi Lumonya is the chairperson of the select team for fast-tracking the acquisition of the permit to London.

Sources within the Ministry of Works and Transport said the airline was given a deadline of June 30, 2022, to secure the permit.

Adopted from: The Independent June 17, 2022

Kabaale International Airport to be ready in next 9 months

Hoima, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Kabaale International Airport in Hoima, Uganda’s second international airport now under construction is due for completion nine months from now, according to the contractors.

The immediate objective of the airport, 200 kilometers by air from Entebbe International Airport and 33 kilometers by road from Hoima City, is mainly transportation of the equipment expected to be shipped in for the construction of oil processing and transportation projects.

The construction works being undertaken by SBC Uganda Ltd began in 2018 and were due to end in April 2022 for the first phase, which would be able to handle cargo planes.

However, in addition to the onset of COVID-19 which slowed down the works, it was discovered that there were other issues including the terrain and others, that had not been anticipated during the contract awarding process, according to SBC.

But Amos Muriisa, the spokesperson of SBC Uganda, says the project will be ready by February 2023, the new deadline that was set by the government through the Petroleum Authority of Uganda, PAU.

The first phase of the project is expected to pave way for the importation of the heavy equipment, materials and machinery by the oil and gas companies which are currently in the initial stages of developing their own projects. These include; field flow pipelines, feeder pipelines, the central processing facilities in the fields and at the Kabaale industrial park, the East African Crude Oil Pipeline and later the refinery, and well equipment for related industries expected to be born out of the oil industry.

Later, the second phase will include an expanded passenger terminal  which will be expected to boost tourism and other activities leading to high passenger numbers.

Construction of the runway, which is 3.5 kilometres long and 45 meters wide is 95 percent complete, while the cargo terminal building, the limited-capacity passenger terminal building, the air rescue firefighting house, power substation house and the air ground lighting system are all between 78 and 9 percent complete.

The airport is designed to handle the largest cargo planes in the industry currently, and, according to SBC, the apron can host four of such aircraft at once. The next nine months will also see the construction of housing for airport operators and the control tower start and completed, according to Muriisa.

But there is fear that hundreds of Ugandans, including a good number of those from the local communities, will soon lose employment as the project comes to an end. Of more than 1000 workers, about 95 percent are Ugandans who will be released.

Muriisa says these are being advised to adjust to that they can be taken up by other construction projects expected in the area.

These oil and gas processing facilities, the Eacop, the refinery and the airport are expected to create new jobs and Muriisa says the workers demobilised by the airport project should take advantage of them.

After four years of participating in the airport construction project, it is expected that the workers have developed enough capacity to take up opportunities in other projects, whether they are private or government-owned.

At the beginning of the project, SBC was accused of employing more foreigners and Ugandans from outside the Albertine Grabben, which allegedly amounted to the violation of the National and Local Content policies.

However, Muriisa explains that this was because it was hard to find the people from the local communities, with the specific skills required by the magnitude and complexity of the works being undertaken. He says, however, that with the help of technical training institutes in the area, many had their skills upgraded and they were taken up.

Adopted from: The Independent May 22, 2022


Uganda Civil Aviation Authority in conjunction with the Ministry of Works and Transport has held a workshop at Soroti, 30 May 2021.

The objective of the workshop is to sensitise the stakeholders on how to improve the Search and Rescue services(SAR) in Uganda and enhance mutual understanding.

Soroti has a SAR subcentre covering Eastern and Northern Uganda. Participants include officials from UPDAF, East African Civil Aviation Academy, Maritime section under Ministry of Works and Transport and UCAA.

2022 Aviation Run targets education for the blind

2022 Aviation Run:

  • Sunday, 29th May
  • Start & Finish: Entebbe Mayor’s Gardens (7 am)
  • Theme: Running for education of the blind

The blind people will come to the spotlight as the 2022 Aviation Run comes to the fore front in Entebbe this Sunday, 29th May.

The run will target proceeds for the education of the blind people.

Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) has joined the major stakeholders for this aviation run under the theme “Running for education of the blind”.

UWA managing director Sam Mwandha officially recieved the running kits for this run at UWA’s headquarters in Kamwokya, Kampala city.

For starters, this year’s aviation run will be held on May 29, 2022, flagged off in Mayor’s Gardens in Entebbe.

The Minister of Works and Transport General Edward Katumba Wamala is the chief runner of the race that will cover 5KM and 10KM.

General Katumba will also officially flag off the race as early as 7 AM.

During the handover of the kit, the Executive director urged all Uganda Wildlife’s staff and the general public to show support by registering for the aviation Run to assist the blind people.

“I would like to pledge our future commitment and support to Aviation activities, as we unite to maintain the good glory of this nation,” Mwandha revealed.

The run is open to either gender across all the different age groups.

Adopted from: Kawoowoo Sports May 25, 2022


UCAA in conjunction with the Uganda Aeronautical Information Service Officers Association (UGAISOA) organized an Aviation Run in Entebbe on Sunday, May 29, 2022 as part of efforts to give back to Sure Prospects Primary & Secondary School for the visually impaired children in Katabi.

The event was graced by Hon. Fred Byamukama, Minister of State for Transport, Hon. Kakembo Mbwatekamu, MP Entebbe Municipality, and UCAA Director General and Deputy Director General, among other stakeholders.


UWA joins the Aviation Run happening this Sunday 29th May 2022, Entebbe Mayors Garden, 06:30am

The Aviation Run organizing Committee received an invite by the Executive Director of Uganda Wildlife Authority, Mr. Sam Mwandha this morning to deliver Aviation Run Kits and pick a donation towards the cause. During the handover of the kits, the UWA Executive director urged all Uganda Wildlife’s staff and the general public to show support by coming and registering for the aviation Run to help keep blind students in school. “I would like to pledge our future commitment and support to Aviation activities, as we unite to maintain the good glory of this nation,” he added.

Be part of this year’s change makers, keep a blind student in school with a donation of any amount and a registration of 25,000/= for a marathon kit. Pick your kits from the following collection centers.

Head office

Sakka Daniel (Archives).

Extension number 2431

Mon-Fri (09:00am – 04:00pm)

Control Tower

Diana Aceng (AIS HQ).

Extension number 2503

Mon-Fri (09:00am – 04:00pm)

Terminal Building

Robina Ndibulyawa (Passenger Information Desk / Customer care).

Extension number 3057 / 2210

Daily 09:00am – 04:00pm

For more information please call 0782582016 / 0706872896

Thank you for your generosity

Change of Date for Air Services Licensing Committee Meeting

Applicants for grant/renewal of Air Service Licences and the public are hereby informed that the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority Licensing Committee meeting earlier scheduled for Thursday 5th May 2022 has been rescheduled to Friday 20th May 2022. The venue will be communicated later.

Inconveniences caused are highly regretted.


Frequently Asked Questions and Procedures in Relation to Covid-19 Requirements at Entebbe International Airport as Per April 27, 2022

  1. What are the requirements/arrival process for arriving passengers?
  • A negative Covid-19 PCR test undertaken within 72 hours prior to boarding is no longer a requirement for fully vaccinated passengers. It is only passengers who are not fully vaccinated that are required to present a negative COVID-19 PCR test undertaken within 72 hours from the time of sample collection to boarding aircraft from country of origin. Unvaccinated children below 5 years are exempted from the COVID-19 PCR test.
  • What are the COVID 19 PCR test requirements in relation to children?
  • Children below five (5) years are exempted from the requirement for a negative PCR test certificate and are not required to present a vaccination card on arrival or departure.
  • What are the requirements for departing passengers?
  • Passengers departing EIA are required to know, understand, and interpret COVID-19 requirements of the country they are travelling to.
  •  A negative COVID-19 PCR test certificate for outbound passengers who are fully vaccinated is suspended for passengers with proof of full COVID-19 vaccination certificates except where it is a requirement of the destination country. Airlines will guide passengers on destination requirements. It is only unvaccinated children below 5 years that are exempted from the COVID-19 PCR test on departure (subject to the destination requirements).
  • What are the requirements for air transportation of human remains into the country?

The following conditions should be fulfilled:

  • Medical certificate of cause of death
  • Post-mortem report or Comprehensive Medical Report from the attending doctor/health facility
  • Embalming certificate (including embalming certificate for death due to COVID-19)
  • Copy of passport/identification document of the deceased (The original passport/travel document/identification document to be presented to immigration authorities)
  • Import license/import authorization from the Director General of Health Services
  • Appropriate packaging – wrapped in a waterproof body bag then placed in a zinc lined coffin and outer metal or wooden box

Advisory Circular UCAA-AC-UAS001, Issue 1, July 2020-Procedure for Importation and Operation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems/ Drones in Uganda


  1. Purpose

This advisory circular (AC) has been issued to give guidance and information to             institutions,organizations and persons intending to import and operate Unmanned Aircraft Systems /Drones in Uganda.

  1. Procedure

The  Procedure for importation and approval of drone operations in Uganda is divided into two steps;

  1. Approval of drone Importation.

The process for approval of importation of drones is as follows;

  1. When requests for importation of drones are received by Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) Customs, URA Customs writes to Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) communicating the requests.
  2. UCAA first evaluates applications for preliminary compliance and then originates a letter to the Chief of Defense Forces (CDF) regarding the same.
  • CDF convenes the Tripartite Committee meeting to evaluate the request.
  1. CDF writes back to UCAA communicating clearance to import the drone or rejection of the drone importation.
  2. UCAA then writes to URA Customs clearing the drone importation and also notifies the Applicant .
  3. The Applicant can now proceed and apply for approval of the drone operation.
  4. Approval of drone Operation.

The process for approval of operation of drones is as follows;

  1. The Applicant obtains a letter of no objection from the relevant line ministry regarding the planned operation.
  2. The Applicant submits to UCAA a request for approval of the drone operation on Form: AC – UAS 001 together with the letter of no objection from the relevant line ministry. The request should be addressed to the Director Safety,Security and Economic Regulations on email:
  • After evaluation of the request for preliminary compliance, UCAA writes to CDF  requesting for Security Clearance of the drone operation. A copy of the letter is given to  the Tripartite Committee and Uganda Communications Commission (UCC), if applicable.
  1. CDF convenes the Tripartite Committee meeting to evaluate the request.
  2. CDF writes to UCAA communicating the Security Clearance or rejection of the drone
  3. The Applicant is required to pay an authorization fee of Ushs 250,000 + 18% VAT at UCAA Landside Revenue office located at Entebbe International Airport and submit a copy of the payment receipt to the office of the Director Safety,Security and Economic Regulations at the UCAA Headquaters.
  • UCAA conducts safety evaluation and communicates Safety Approval and Security Clearance to the Applicant.
  • On receiving the Safety Approval and Security Clearance, the Applicant commences

Advisory Circular UCAA-AC-UAS001, Issue 1, July 2020-Procedure for Importation and Operation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems/ Drones in Uganda Download Circular (PDF)



Proposed Amendments to the Civil Aviation (Security) Regulations, 2022

Uganda Civil Aviation Authority is in the process of amending the Civil Aviation (Security) Regulations, 2022, to incorporate changes arising from the various amendments to ICAO Standards and recommended practices.

These are proposed amendments to the Civil Aviation (Security) Regulations, 2022 posted for stakeholder review and comments.

Stakeholders are invited to send comments and inquiries, if any, at their convenience, but not later than April 13, 2022 to; The Director Safety Security and Economic Regulation; Email: .
Copy the Manager Aviation Security and Facilitation Policy MASFAL Ms.Jane Nakimu on Email: .

Kindly send your correspondence to Email: . and .

Draft Civil Aviation (Security) Regulations-2022 edited October 2021 (Download Doc)

See More Draft Regulations>>