Most Asked Questions

The Most Asked Questions

How do I ask questions or seek clarification on a tender opportunity?

Queries and clarifications must be sent by email only to The advert and/or bid documentation will state the deadline after which queries will not be addressed.

What type of services are covered by an Air Services Agreement?

An Air Services agreement usually covers only scheduled international air services, but a few also regulate non – scheduled International air Services.

What is an Air Transport Providers (Passenger) License?

This is a legal Certificate the Authority issues in terms of the Air Navigation Act and regulations made there under by the Director General of Civil Aviation to a prospective applicant who meets the necessary criteria for carrying on the business of air transportation in Uganda.

How does UCAA communicate changes during the course of a tender?

The Procurement Page on the UCAA website always has the most up-to-date information. In some cases, UCAA will advertise changes, etc. in the same newspapers where the initial advert especially where the bidders are not known.

What is a flight schedule approval?

The authorization granted by the CAA for the time table (Schedules) of airlines for the operation their operations into/out of Uganda.

Does UCAA give special preference to companies from certain countries?

No. All companies that meet the minimum tender requirements are free to apply. However, the evaluation criteria may in some cases be biased for example, towards gender or experience in a particular region or country.


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