Privately owned and operated aerodromes

Privately owned aerodromes

No. Aerodrome Operator Runway Surface Runway Length Contact
1 Adjumani Adjumani District Local Government

The Airfield has been useful in facilitation of refugee operations in Adjumani District.

A 1100 meters Adjumani District Local Government
2 Ankole Tea Airstrip M/S Mc LEOD RUSSEL (U) LTD

Ankole Tea Estate Airfield is located in the middle of a tea plantation in Bushenyi helping in the facilitation of Tea business

Grass 925 meters +256 382 420 000

BugambeAirfield, is located in the middle of a tea plantation. It facilitates tea business in Hoima District

Grass 723 meters +256 382 420 000
4 Bugungu Uganda Wildlife Authority

Bugungu is located in the middle of Murchison Falls National Park. It provides one of the easy ways of getting to the park.

Murram 1500 meters 346287/8
5 Chobe Chobe Safari Lodge Limited

Located at Chobe Safari lodge and Murchison Falls National Park

Murram 1550 meters (+256) 0372259300/+256 77 679 8880
6 Ishasha Uganda Wildlife Authority

Located in the home of tree-climbing lions at Ishasha National game park.

Murram 945 meters +256 414/346288
7 Kaiso Uganda Wildlife Authority

It enables easy access to Kaiso-Kabwohe game reserve.

Murram 1000 meters
8 Kajjansi Mission Aviation Fellowship

Kajjansi is arguably the busiest domestic airfield. Owned by MAF, it connects to any part of Uganda by air.

Murram 1100 meters +256 41 267 462
9 Kakira Kakira Sugar Works Ltd

Kakira Airfield is the home of one of the finest and sweetest sugar brands in Uganda, Kakira sugar.

Murram 1270 meters 0414 444 000
10 Kalongo Dr Ambroseli Memorial Hospital-Kalongo

This missionary-owned Airfield facilitates the distribution of medicines to the hospital and medical evacuation of sick people to other treatment facilities.

Murram 1150 meters 0414 444 000
11 Tilda/Kibimba Tilda (U) Ltd

Tilda Airfield is located in Kibimba, the home of rice production (Tilda)

Grass 1000 meters 0772 255500
12 Kihihi/ Savanah Resort Hotel Savanah Resort Hotel

The Airfield, located in Kanungu district also has a golf course..

Murram 1800 meters +256 777 076 086/752 692 113
13 Kinyara Kinyara Sugar Works Ltd

KinyaraAirfield hosts a sugar factory that supplies the greater part of northern Uganda with Kinyara sugar

Grass 1170 meters +256 41 236 382

Kisaru Airfield, located in Hoima district, is in the vicinity of a tea estate.

Grass 1100 meters +256 38 420 000
15 Masika CNOOC

Masika Airfield is located in Bugoma, in Hoima District, the home of oil.

Murram 1500 meter

Muzizi hosts tea estates in the green fields of Kyenjojo District

Grass 790 meters +256 38 420 000

Mwenge is in a tea plantation in Keynjojo District

Grass 1100 meters +256 38 420 000
18 Mweya Uganda Wildlife Authority

Mweya Airfield grants easy access to elephants at Queen Elizabeth National Park

Grass 1200 meters +256 41 346 288
19 Semiliki Uganda Wildlife Authority

SemilikiAirfield, located in Ntoroko District, enables easy access to a game reserve

Murram 1300 meters

Foe more information regarding aerodromes please call: +256 312 352 000