Car Rental Desks

You can hire a self-driven or chauffeur – driven car on arrival at Entebbe or hire a taxi to your destination.

Companies providing this service will give you the details on the telephone numbers indicated below. Car hire service to any destination is negotiable.

Airport Taxi Services +256 772422630

+256 702422630
Bugonga Airport Taxi Operators Cooperative Society Ltd +256 772457652

+256 758859431

+256 753374343
Stemar Car Hire & Tours Ltd +256 414 320149

+256 781475556

Super Shuttle International +256 773467719

+256 772821407

Intercare Uganda Limited +256 414 237211
Leading Cars Limited +256 772 402837

+256 414 309479
Afri-Frontiers Tours & Travel Ltd +256 790911526

+256 759911526

In case of taxi hire, arriving passengers are advised to look out for genuine taxi operators whose cars are clearly marked with a yellow Airport Taxi label.

Airport Car Parking

Entry to Entebbe International Airport’s car parking is automated, making parking at the Airport a smoother experience. At the entrance, drivers are urged to slow down, stop at the ticket dispensing machine, press a button and wait for a parking ticket (takes about 10 seconds for the ticket to be dispensed), pick the ticket and slowly approach the barrier. It is necessary to keep the ticket safely as it is required on exit (drive out).

Types of parks

There are two types of parks at Entebbe International Airport ie Short term park (pick and drop or General) and Long term car park. The long car park has 420 slots currently.

Parking on all Airport access roads is prohibited.

Parking Fees

Class 0 Saloon Cars 2,000 1,000
Class 1 Vans/Mini buses, Super Customs 4,000 1,000
Class 2 Lorries, trailers, trucks and buses 5,000 1,000
Long Term Parking 10,000 per day

Seasonal Cards/Automatic Number Plate Recognition

This facility is subside to Entebbe International Airport staff/residents but it can be extended to non-residents basing on the clients’ necessity as below:

Saloon cars 60,000 80,000 120,000
Minibuses/Pick ups and Super Custom/regius, Coaster 90,000 110,000 180,000
Lorries, Trucks and buses 120,000 140,000 240,000
Trailers 150,000 170,000 300,000
Replacement of cards in case of damage or lost 60,000 60,000 60,000


Residents Category A: Their work station and offices are at the Airport and are required to drive to their work station and are authorised by their employer.

Residents Category B: Their work station is at the airport but their employers provide pool transport. However for their own convenience they choose to drive their own cars. These include staff of CAA, ENHAS, DAS Handling, Newrest, GSL, Duty Free Staff, MONUC, URA etc

Non-Residents: Their work station or office is not at Entebbe International Airport.

Payment for parking

Payments are made at the paypoints in the General or long term car park areas before leaving the respective park where the vehicle is parked.

Grace period given after payment is 30 minutes to exit.

Driving to and from Entebbe Airport

The Airport is connected by a forty-two kilo meters all-weather road from Kampala. Part of the road is dual carriage. The speed limit is 80 Km/h and the journey normally takes some forty minutes by car. Heavy traffic is especially experienced in the morning and in the evening hours. Plan your journey well if you have a flight or a friend to meet.


The following will attract a fine on top of the normal stipulated charges:

  • Payment made at the exit pay station attracts 10,000 Uganda Shillings
  • Misplacement/lost ticket at the time of exit attracts 5000 Uganda Shillings for reprinting a new ticket from any pay station.
  • Misuse of the system facilities attracts 120,000 Uganda Shillings
  • The culprit will meet all costs of repair and replacement when they knock the barriers.

Transportation to/from City Centre

Car-Hire-&-Chauffeur-Services-at-Entebbe-International-AirportLook out for yellow-band Cars for hire. Each taxi has an identification number and inscription “AIRPORT TAXI” in black letters. Please note this number for reference in case you hire one. Vehicles park at the Arrivals (ground) level. The driver should help you load your baggage. Hiring a Taxi to Kampala costs US $40 or 100,000 Uganda Shillings.

The journey takes about 40 minutes. Car hire to any other destination is negotiable. Public transport is readily available between the airport and Kampala. Commuters operate the Airport – Entebbe Town routes. Commuters from the airport to Entebbe (Kitoro) a 4-km journey, cost approximately half a dollar or 1000 Uganda Shillings.

From Entebbe to Kampala City, the commuters charge is a dollar or about UGS. 3000/= per passenger including hand luggage. The journey takes about one hour. It is advisable to pay in Uganda currency. Make use of the Forex Bureau at the airport.

Tour and Travel Agencies

There are several Tour and Travel agents operating in Kampala. The Uganda Travel Bureau can provide more information on Tour and Travel services on Tel. +256-312 232555. A number of Tour and Travel companies have information handy for travelers at the Airport.