Arua Airfield


The airfield is located in Arua district, West Nile, Northern Uganda. It is a designated Entry and Exit Point.

Coordinates: 03°03’N30°54’E.



Distance from Arua Town: 3 Km


P. O. Box 98 Arua

HF Radio Frequency: 7638.5

Telephone: +256 392775359

Runway Characteristics


Orientation: 18/36

Length: 1800 meters

Width: 30 meters

Surface: Murram

Altitude: 5200 Ft

Air Navigational Services: Not Available

Navigational Aids: Windsock

Fire and Rescue: Available

Security: Aviation Police

Terminal Services: Available

Fuel: On arrangement

Meteorology: Available

Immigration: On Arrangement

Customs: On arrangement

Accommodation and Hotels: Available in Arua Town

Transport: Available

Arua is one of the busiest domestic Airports in the country with a monthly average of 180 air traffic movements. Presently, Eagle Air operates scheduled flights with a 19- seater aircraft. Ad hoc and charter flights are also operated by Mission Aviation Fellowship, United Nations, AIM Air, Samaritan Purse and Kampala Aero Club and Flight Training Centre.

Arua is strategically located in the tri-state boarder of Uganda, DRC and Sudan. The Airfield serves as a hub for passengers from Southern Sudan and DRC to connecting flights through Entebbe International Airport.

Arua is a commercial and administrative capital of the West Nile region. The main interests served by the airport include:

  1. Charter flights
  2. Airlift consumer goods from Kampala
  3. Supervision visits by tobacco company representatives and employees
  4. Emergencies and relief by NGOs

The activities and operations at these aerodromes are coordinated by the General Manager Regional Airports.

The Manager Upcountry Contact Information

P. O. Box 5536 Kampala, Uganda

+256 (414) 321-465

+256 (752) 535-087

+256 414321401

Airport Operations Officer-Upcountry Airports

P. O. Box 5536 Kampala, Uganda

+256 (414) 321

+256 (751) 676-433

+256 414321401

Security Officer-Upcountry Airports

P. O. Box 5536 Kampala, Uganda

+256 (414) 321

+256 (772) 665-827

+256 414321401