Modern Baggage Handling System

April 14 2018

To address this, a new modern Baggage Handling System (BHS) was installed in the check-in area at Entebbe International Airport. The installation ended in September 2016. The new system was in response to, inter alia, the anticipated increase in Passenger throughput, which called for enhanced passenger handling capacity.

The BHS was installed by the Manufacturer and Project Contractor, Vanderlande Industries B.V of Netherlands, at a cost of USD 4.8 million from internally generated revenue. The new system;

  • supports 24-hour continuous operations
  • provides for easy maintenance and parts replacement
  • is equipped with two identical integrated systems; each of them able to operate independently as the other is under maintenance.
  • is able to handle between 1200-1800 bags per hour (compared to the old, which handled 500-700 bags per hour at peak time)
  • provides for future upgrade options

It has a total of 22 check-in counters, automated with enhanced security capabilities

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