Airports and Aviation Security

The Directorate is headed by a Director and exists to provide efficient and effective Airport operation services and to contribute to the revenue and surplus of UCAA. The Directorate has to ensure that the Airports and Aerodromes operate as commercially viable entities. Under the Director is the General Manager, Entebbe International Airport who manages the operations of Entebbe International Airport (EIA). The thirteen upcountry aerodromes are supervised by the General Manager, Regional Airports.

  • The Directorate is charged with the responsibility to develop, operate and maintain aerodromes as commercially viable entities.
  • Operational responsibilities include Crash Fire & Rescue Services, Security, Passenger facilitation and airfield services.
  • The Engineering section takes charge of routine maintenance and capital development projects while the Commercial section is responsible for property rentals, concessions and non-aeronautical revenue development in general.
  • The gazetted aerodromes under the Directorate of Airports are Entebbe International Airport and thirteen (13) domestic airports located at Arua, Gulu, Kasese, Lira and Masindi, Mbarara, Moroto, Pakuba, Soroti, Tororo, Kabale, Kisoro and Jinja.


The Operations Department is headed by the Manager Operations to ensure effective and efficient Airport operations at Entebbe International Airport. It comprises of the following sections:

Airside Operations Section
Airside operations section has the following tasks:

  • Allocation of aircraft parking bays
  • Aircraft Marshalling services at all parking stands
  • Ensuring safe and expeditious practices for passengers, baggage, mail, cargo and aircraft re-fueling
  • Foreseeing general cleanliness of movement areas
  • Enforcing airside regulations in respect of vehicle movement

Terminal Operations Section
The prime role of this section is to ensure operational readiness, continuity of service through effective management of the facilities in the terminal building and the landside. It comprises of the following sub-sections:-

  • Public Utilities.
  • Customer Care.
  • VIP &VVIP Lounges
  • Call Center/Telephone Exchange

Bird Hazard & Wildlife Control Unit
This Section is responsible for activities that discourage the presence of the bird population and other wildlife in and around the aerodromes thus containing or minimizing bird and other wildlife strike incidents that may endanger aircraft and passengers aboard them.

Crash, Fire and Rescue Services
This section ensures that the standby services of Fire and Marine are in position to deal with any emergency situation.

It is headed by a Manager and is responsible for safe guarding the Airport from unlawful access and interference. AVSEC work in liaison with other state security agencies including Aviation Police, among others.

The department exists to ensure efficient Airport Operations at Upcountry Airports. There are 13 aerodromes managed by CAA, besides Entebbe International Airport. These are:

  • Kisoro airfield
  • Kasese airfield
  • Pakuba airfield
  • Moroto airfield
  • Gulu airfield
  • Arua airfield
  • Lira airfield
  • Masindi airfield
  • Tororo airfield
  • Mbarara airfield
  • Kidepo airfield
  • Soroti airfield
  • Jinja airfield

The overall supervision of the aerodromes is done by the General Manager – Regional Airports assisted by Officers-in-Charge and Airfield supervisors stationed at each station.

The department is headed by the Manager Aerodrome Maintenance. It ensures that equipment and machinery at the Airport is in a good state of maintenance and repair so that the promised level of service can be delivered to users. It has 4 sections namely:

  • Electrical section:

This section responsible for ensuring a constant supply of electrical power to the Airport and ANS stations around.

  • Electronics Section:

This section is responsible for keeping all electronic gadgets serviceable at the airport.

  • Mechanical section:

This does all the in-house mechanical maintenance.

  • Civil Maintenance:

The civil maintenance section ensures that civil engineering facilities at the airport receive adequate and timely maintenance.

Headed by a Manager to advise on all safety related matters including but not limited to policy and safety objectives.

This department is headed by a Manager and it exists to initiate, develop and monitor all projects in Aerodrome Engineering and Development and ensure that they are well documented.

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