Procurement F.A.Q

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out about supplier opportunities?

The CAA website has the most up to date information. We also advertise tender opportunities in the newspapers

How do I ask questions or seek clarification on a tender opportunity?

Queries and clarifications must be sent by email only to The advert and/or bid documentation will state the deadline after which queries will not be addressed.

How does UCAA communicate changes during the course of a tender?

The Procurement Page on the UCAA website always has the most up-to-date information. In some cases, UCAA will advertise changes, etc. in the same newspapers where the initial advert especially where the bidders are not known.

Can I submit a tender with my own alternative conditions attached?

Any comments or suggestions for alterations on conditions/ instructions to tenderers or the terms of reference in a tender process should be forwarded to CAA via the procurement mailbox for consideration.

Can I correct mistakes in my bid or proposal after I have submitted it?

It is not possible to make any changes after you have submitted your proposal. In some cases, errors shall be corrected by the evaluation panel during evaluations.

Does UCAA give special preference to companies from certain countries?

No. All companies that meet the minimum tender requirements are free to apply. However, the evaluation criteria may in some cases be biased for example, towards gender or experience in a particular region or country.

What happens if I submit my tender after the deadline?

Tenders received after the deadline will either be returned unopened or destroyed.

If my bid is unsuccessful, will UCAA explain why I failed and tell me who the preferred bidder is?

UCAA will notify all shortlisted bidders of the outcome of a tendering process giving reasons. It is important to note that at the Expression of Interest stage, UCAA does not provide feedback or contact bidders who have not been shortlisted. All awarded contracts for processes that were subject to open competition will be published on the Procurement Page of the CAA website.

Will UCAA disclose the evaluation criteria for a tendering process?

Yes. The evaluation/scoring criteria and matrix are provided in the tender document.

What documents are required to accompany proposals and what if I do not include/attach the stated?

CAA requires bidders to submit statutory documents alongside bid submission, (documents include firm’s certificates of registration/ incorporation, tax compliance, power of attorney and joint venture agreements – if applicable). All documents required to accompany the bids, shall be explicitly stipulated in the Instructions/information to Bidders (ITBs) in the tender documents. Failure to attach, include or disclose the relevant information may lead your bid not being evaluated.

In what language are proposals to be submitted?

All proposals and supporting documents are to be submitted in English. There are instances where supporting documents and other literature may be in another language in which case such documents must be accompanied by translations to English, certified by a Commissioner of Oaths. For purposes of evaluation of the bid, the translation in English shall prevail.

Can I contest a procurement decision or outcome of a tender?

All queries and complaints should in the first instance be directed to If you are still not satisfied, you may escalate your issue to where it will be looked into independently. CAA allows a day standstill period prior to award of a contract for any bidder to seek any clarification.

Can a notification for award be withdrawn?

Yes. Unsuccessful bidders are allowed 10 calendar days to ask questions and/or raise objections – any complaint that is upheld may lead to withdrawal of the bid award notification.

What is UCAA Due Diligence?

UCAA reserves the right to carry out background and reference/ track record checks on any supplier who has submitted a proposal. This is normally done during the evaluation process, but can also be done after contract award. If a supplier, after receiving a contract award, is found to have deliberately misled UCAA or presented incorrect information may have its contract annulled.

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