5,363 passengers per day: Entebbe Airport records highest number of international passengers since 2019

July 25 2023

In June 2023, Entebbe International Airport recorded 80,750 arriving and 80,165 departing passengers, a total of 160,915 international passengers, and an average of 5,363 passengers per day, the highest figure recorded since 2019.

In a similar period of June 2022,  135,261 international passengers (64,458 arrivals and 70,803 departures) were recorded. This reflects an increase of 25,654 additional passengers in June 2023. The high traffic recorded in June 2023 was partially contributed to by departing pilgrims to Mecca.

Arriving passengers are becoming more than departing passengers and this was reflected in the last two months’ statistics. In May 2023, we had 77,912 departures and 79,297 arrivals, a total of 157,209 passengers in the month, an average of 5,071 passengers per day.

The June 2023 passenger traffic also ranks as the fourth highest figure recorded in a month after the 179,323 recorded in December 2019, 166,980 recorded in July 2019 and 163,344 recorded in August 2019.

In 2022, the airport recorded a total of 1,571,950 million international passengers in comparison to 941,688 in 2021, 565,541 in 2020 and 1,802,107 in 2019.

In relation to cargo, June 2023 recorded 5,195 metric tons (1,661 tons of imports and 3,534 tons of exports). A total of 61,000 metric tons of cargo were recorded through Entebbe International Airport in 2022.

Adopted from: The Chimp Reports July 23, 2023

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