CAA enlists Kayoola EVS electric bus to transport employees

July 28 2020


The Civil Aviation Authority has tapped on the Kayoola EVS electric buses to transport staff of to and from work.

According to CAA’s acting director general Fred Bamwesigye, Kayoola will provide solutions to some of the public transport problems they have been experiencing.

“I am pleased to inform you that Kiira Motors Corporation offered and received acceptance to pilot the Kayoola EVS electric bus with Uganda Civil Aviation Authority by transporting our staff from Kampala to the airport and back,”he said.

He said the staff from Kampala will be collected three days a week for eight weeks, free of charge.

“From 20th July up to 11th Sep 2020 and from the feedback received from the users especially our staff and what we have witnessed ourselves, these buses are welcome addition,” he said.

Allan Muhumuza, the director marketing and sales at Kiira Motors, said that the buses have a seating capacity of 90 passengers.

“Once fully charged, the bus has a range of up to 300 kilometres, which covers the Entebbe – Kampala route and back comfortably. If well utilized, they could also contribute to reduction in congestion on the roads,” he said.

Kayoola buses don’t use diesel or any other type of fuel. Therefore with just a single charge, the bus can move for 300 KM.

The battery life of the Kayoola EVS electric buses is 3000 charge cycles, which is about 900,000km.

The engines of the Kayoola buses also give a competitive edge to the owner since their cost per kilometer is way cheaper in the long run.

Adopted from: The Nile Post July 28, 2020

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