Celebrating Global Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) Day: Reflecting on 71 Years of Ensuring Air Navigation Safety

May 16 2024

On May 15, 2024, the international aviation community comes together to commemorate Global Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) Day, a significant occasion established by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Council on May 15, 1953. This day serves as a reminder of the pivotal role AIS plays in guaranteeing the safety and efficiency of global air navigation.

In celebration of AIS Day, the Civil Aviation Authority’s Aeronautical Information Management Professionals recently convened the 8th AIP Review workshop at the Horizon Hotel in Entebbe, Uganda. This event not only marked the 71st anniversary of AIS but also provided an invaluable platform for over a hundred participants from the aviation sector and various governmental departments to reflect on the enduring relevance and impact of AIS.

At the heart of AIS lies the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP), a vital resource containing essential aeronautical information necessary for air navigation. From flight regulations to airport data, airspace details, and flight routes, the AIP serves as a comprehensive guide for pilots, air traffic controllers, and aviation professionals worldwide.

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