Entebbe Airport Enhances Passenger Experience and Facility Upgrades

June 12 2023

Entebbe International Airport, the primary gateway to Uganda, is undergoing significant improvements aimed at enhancing passenger experience and upgrading its facilities. The Director General of the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), Fred Bamwesigye, provided an update on the progress of the ongoing upgrade and expansion project while speaking to local media in Uganda.

The terminal building at Entebbe International Airport has undergone extensive remodeling to accommodate the growing number of passengers. With the completion of the canopy at departures scheduled for the end of August 2023, departing passengers will now be dropped off at the entrance to the terminal building, providing easier access and a more convenient departure experience.

The overall project, which is currently at an impressive 85% completion level, encompasses various aspects, including the strengthening of the main runway 17/35 and associated taxiways. These upgrades will not only enhance safety but also enable the airport to accommodate larger aircraft, further expanding its capacity to meet the increasing demand for air travel.

Entebbe International Airport’s passenger terminal

Addressing concerns raised earlier this year regarding the conduct of airport staff, the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority has implemented several adjustments to improve customer service and ensure accountability. One notable change includes the embroidery of staff names on their uniforms, facilitating identification and aiding in resolving any complaints that may arise. This measure emphasizes transparency and fosters a stronger bond between passengers and airport personnel.

Moreover, to streamline the departure process and enhance efficiency, the airport has made significant changes by eliminating multiple desks that were previously used, resulting in fewer staff interactions with passengers. This optimization has greatly contributed to the smoother movement of passengers through the airport, reducing queues and wait times.

Fred Bamwesigye further highlighted the recent amendment of the CAA Act, which was originally established in 1991. The amendment aims to harmonize Uganda’s aviation regulations and practices with global standards, ensuring compatibility and adherence to international aviation norms. This step demonstrates the commitment of the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority to align its operations with universal best practices.

The ongoing upgrades and improvements at Entebbe International Airport signify the continuous efforts to provide a world-class aviation experience for travelers and position Uganda as a leading destination in the region. With the project nearing completion and the implementation of customer-centric measures, passengers can expect a more seamless and enjoyable journey through the airport.

As the aviation industry adapts to evolving needs and expectations, Entebbe International Airport remains committed to maintaining high standards and delivering exceptional services to both domestic and international travelers.

Adopted from: Africa Space Africa June 7, 2023

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