Entebbe Airport Expansion and Uganda’s Latest Developments

Uganda’s aviation sector stands poised for a significant upgrade as the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) announced that the expanded apron at Entebbe International Airport will soon be capable of accommodating up to 100 parked aircraft. This development marks a significant stride in the nation’s aviation infrastructure, poised to bolster its position on the global aviation map.

Entebbe Airport’s Expansion

Entebbe International Airport, Uganda’s primary gateway to the outside world, is currently undergoing a comprehensive upgrade and expansion. The project, led by the China Communications Construction Company (CCCC), includes the construction of a new terminal building and the expansion of aprons. The new terminal is scheduled for completion by July 2024.

The expanded apron, as announced by the UCAA, is part of this larger project and its impending readiness is a key milestone in this expansive initiative. The ability to accommodate up to 100 parked aircraft will significantly increase the airport’s capacity and efficiency, paving the way for enhanced connectivity and a potential boost in tourism.

Additional Developments at Entebbe

In addition to the apron expansion, the airport will also see the completion of a new cargo center, and the resurfacing of runways and associated taxiways. These improvements are a part of a concerted effort to modernize Uganda’s aviation infrastructure and align it with international standards.

Implications for Uganda

The overhaul of Entebbe International Airport plays a crucial role in Uganda’s economic development strategy. By enhancing its aviation infrastructure, the country is not only improving its connectivity but also signaling its readiness to attract global business and tourism. With the airport’s capacity significantly increased, it is also expected to boost local employment and stimulate ancillary industries.

Adopted from: BNN Breaking New January 14, 2024

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