Measures in Place to Mitigate Complaints in Relation to Smooth Facilitation of Passengers Through Entebbe International Airport

January 22 2023

Uganda Civil Aviation Authority received valuable feedback from key stakeholders, the users of the facilities at Entebbe International Airport. The Authority intially issued a statement that first acknowledged the feedback on January 19, 2023 without going into specific details of actions taken, but clarifying the mandate of the various agencies operating at Entebbe International Airport.

The public has since shared more leading information through the feedback channels provided and others continued online.

A press conference was jointly addressed by UCAA and the head of the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control at Entebbe International Airport on January 20, 2023, which among others highlighted the following mitigation measures that have been put in place as follows;

  1. In 2021, the Authority issued a directive to all airport stakeholders urging them to inform thier staff who interface with passengers in operational areas that use of private mobile phones is prohibited while on duty  within the terminal building. It is only the supervisors that were expempted. While there may have been laxity in implementation of this directive, it is now being re-emphasised and is to be fully enforced.
  2. UCAA held engagement meetings with security agencies and others to harmonise operations of the different stakeholers on departure with a view of ensuring that some functions are merged and handled more efficiently by fewer agencies to avoid duplication and multiple checks and desks before a passenger accesses the check-in counters.
  3. It has been resolved that after a passager has gone past Immigration on departure, recalling them or offloading them for any reason would only take place with the express permission of the Director Airports and Aviation security or General Manager- EIA of UCAA.
  4. The Authority is intensifying the playing of messages on Flight Information Display screens at the airport alerting/reminding passengers not to be compelled to pay any money to anyone in exchage for a favour at the airport.
  5. We would like to re-assure the public that all cases/complaints submitted to UCAA with evidence will be thoroughly investigated and action taken. A number of those, which were submitted earlier were worked on and action taken, with staff found culpable disciplined. From 2020 to date, 26 members of staff from various agencies have either been suspended, terminated or subjected to other disciplinary measures.
  6. A UCAA staff who appeared in one of the videos and appeared to be negotiating some payment was detained at Aviation Police on the morning of January 20, 2022 and is to face disciplinary action as investigations continue.
  7. Name tags for all staff operating at the airport are to be emphasised.
  8. Customer service training for members of staff of all stakeholders operating at Entebbe International Airport is to be emphasised.

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