Notice of Application for Air Services Licenses

Notice is hereby, given that the following firms have applied for the grant / renewal of an Air Services Licence.

1.Aerolink Uganda Limited P.O. Box 689 Entebbe  Non-Scheduled and Scheduled Passenger Domestic and International (RENEWAL)  C208
2.AIR SERV Limited P.O. Box 7548 Kampala  Scheduled Passenger Domestic and International (RENEWAL)   Non-Scheduled Cargo Domestic and International (NEW)C208  
3.Asante Aviation Limited P.O. Box 7691 KampalaNon Scheduled Domestic and International (RENEWAL)  C208    
4.BAR Aviation Limited P.O. Box 27210 KampalaNon Scheduled Cargo Domestic and International (NEW)B1900D, C208B, PC-12, B206, B412, L382 CL064
5.KAFTC dba BAR Aviation Gate 3, Kajjansi Airfield P.O. Box 27210 Kampala    Scheduled passenger and Cargo Domestic   Aerial Work (RENEWAL)    B1900D, PC-12, C208B   C172, B505, BELL 206, L382                       
6.SUN GURU Limited P.O. Box 25669 Kampala  Private (NEW)      C172
7.  Uganda Aviation Academy P.O. Box 10101 KampalaTraining  (RENEWAL)    TBN
8.  Vine Air Limited P.O. Box 22041 Kampala    Flight Training   Non-Scheduled Passenger and Cargo Domestic and International (RENEWAL)C152, C172, PA28  

Any person who has grounds to object to the grant / renewal of the Air Services Licence to any of the applicants listed herein, may as soon as possible, lodge such objection in writing with:

        The Director Safety, Security & Economic Regulation

        Uganda Civil Aviation Authority Headquarters

        Entebbe Airport Road

        P. O. Box 5536


        Tel:      +256 414 352 000


A copy of the objection should be forwarded to the applicant concerned.

The applicants will defend their applications before the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority Licensing Committee on 10 March 2023 at 10:00 a.m. at Kampala Serena Hotel.

Interested members of the public are invited to attend this half day event.

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