May 29 2023

The Uganda Professional Pilots Association (UPPA) has organised an Aviation Expo scheduled to take place from June 22-24, 2023, at Entebbe International Airport. Uganda CAA has joined UPPA in support of the Aviation Expo, which will have a range of activities aimed at educating and engaging the public, tin order to demystify the aviation industry and inspire a new generation of aviation enthusiasts.

One of the primary focus areas of the Aviation Expo is to provide valuable career guidance and information to students and the general public. The Chairman of UPPA, Capt. Ssentamu Aziz, said attendees will have the opportunity to explore various aspects of the aviation industry and gain insights into potential career paths.

“At a modest fee of 200k for regular flights and 300k for VIP flights, members of the public will enjoy joy rides over the Ugandan skies, creating unforgettable memories and igniting a passion for aviation,” Capt. Ssentamu said. The Uganda CAA Director General, Mr. Fred K. Bamwesigye said that the Aviation Expo will provide an opportunity to the public, allowing them to get up close and personal with aircraft. Static aircraft exhibitions will enable the public to step inside the aircraft, interact with cabin and flight crew, and gain first-hand knowledge of aviation operations. Additionally, the event offers a unique opportunity for some lucky individuals to fly for the first time.

The Aviation Expo builds on the heritage of previous aviation events in Uganda. In 2012, the country celebrated its 50th Independence Anniversary with a grand Air Show dubbed Fly @50 for 50k. About 2,100 revellers had a chance to fly for the first time. This time, the event is not fully sponsored, and modest entry and flying fees will be charged to support UPPA in delivering an exceptional experience.

The Aviation Expo is an opportunity to further bridge the gap between the aviation industry and the general public. Future plans include hosting similar events at different airfields across the country. 

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