Customs, Immigration and Security

Due to the growing numbers of passengers and increased competition in the region, Civil Aviation Authority is focused on avoiding long queues and other minor problems at Entebbe International Airport. The Immigration booths in the Arrivals Hall have been modified and counters increased from 14 to 20. Some of the booths installed are each manned by four people and others three instead of two.

The Authority has also introduced a fast tracking lane by dedicating one of the counters to specifically cater for passengers with special needs, first class and Business Class, crew and the like.


Customs operates 24 hours, 7 days a week at Entebbe International Airport


Visas and Passes

Any person intending to enter into Uganda should do so only for lawful purposes and in accordance with National immigration laws, guidelines and formalities. All visa prone nationalities must obtain visas to facilitate their entry into the country. Uganda visas may be obtained at Uganda missions abroad . All travellers to the Republic of Uganda must have a valid Yellow Fever Immunisation card. The Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control operationalised Uganda’s first and fully fledged online electronic Application system for immigration facilities. For more details visit the website:

Category/ description of visa Cost
Single entry US$ 50 per individual
Multiple entry visa 6-12 months US$ 100
Multiple entry visa 24 months US$ 150
Multiple entry visa 36 months US$ 200
Students (Entry Visa for students who are not nationals of East African Cooperation.) US$ 100
East African Tourist Visa (Three months Multiple Entry for Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda) US$ 100
Residents of Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda travelling to any of the three countries can now enter the alternative Partner State. without paying for visas. Fee Nil

General Information

Please note that all people (Passengers, staff and general public)  accessing the passenger and cargo terminal buildings are all subjected to security checks

Any person seeking to attain access to the restricted areas at Entebbe International Airport for various purposes is required to write to the Aviation Security Manager, Uganda Civil Aviation Authority for security clearance way before the planned activity.


Security check for Passengers

  • Show passport and ticket on arrival at the departures level at the airport
  • Remove gels, liquids, aerosols, electronic devices such as laptops, cameras, outer clothing such as shoes, jackets, caps, belts, jewellery, all items from the pockets and place them in a container at the security screening machine

List of Visa Exempt Nationalities

Nationals of countries that do not pay for Uganda visas

Comesa East Africa Others





















Sierra Leone

Solomon Islands, The Grenadines










St. Vincent-Tonga




Restricted items

Before you head to the Airport, you should take the time to get familiar with common security rules such as what kinds of identification you may need, basic baggage rules such as what valuable or critical personal items should always be in your hand luggage and not in your checked luggage. Some of the restricted items include bleaching substances, paints/oxidisers, hand grenades, dynamite, lighter refills, knives of all types, drilling machines, golf clubs, pepper spray, scissors of all types, firearms, razor blade, pliers, ammunition, box cutters, mathematical instruments, cutting instruments of all types, hammers, flammable items,  and teargas; radioactive materials, poisons, magnetic materials, tear gas and narcotic drugs.


  • Please ensure that any such items or those made or intended for offensive or defensive use are removed from your person or your baggage.
  • Baby feeds are permitted so long as the person who is in possession of them is travelling with the baby.
  • Animal parts or Animal products, wildlife trophies are prohibited and must never be carried in hand luggage or checked in baggage.

Don't put these items in checked luggage

There are many other kinds of items that you should only have in your  hand luggage or carry-on bag, or on your person, especially if it is hard to replace, very expensive, or necessary for your health and well being. Examples include money related items, computers and personal electronic devices, passports and other identification, jewellery, expensive watches, precious metals, valuables, medications and medical devices, keys, eye glasses, documents and devices with electronic data. For more details on these you may contact the respective airline you are travelling on.

Unattended bags/ items

  • Do not leave your bags/items unattended
  • Keep your bags/items with you at all times
  • Any item(s) found unattended shall be removed by Airport security and may be destroyed.
  • Report any unattended item(s) to the Airport Security or Airline Personnel

Duty Free Concessions

Travellers are entitled to the following duty free concessions if they are at least 18 years old or have been out of the country for over 24 hours.

Type Amount
Wine 1 litre
Perfume ½ litre
Cigarettes, cigars etc 250 gms
Spirits and liquors 1 litre

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