Medical Facility

A medical facility, Airport Medical Centre that provides emergency treatment is located at the arrivals, ground floor, landside, northern end of the terminal Building and is open 24 hours providing the following services:

  • Medical emergencies
  • Out Patient Clinic
  • Pharmacy
  • Vaccination
  • Laboratory
  • Aviation Medical Examination
  • Travel Medical Assessment/Advice (Fit to fly Assessment)

Passengers without an up to date vaccination status can obtain vaccination from the medical facility. For any information or in case of emergencies, please contact the Reception desk for the Airport Medical centre on +256 7522228855, +256 312/414 353000 ext 2258.

There is also a Health desk within the Arrivals Hall manned by Clinical and Public Health Staff to handle any emergencies at the Airport.


Non-immune visitors are advised to use/observe World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines. WHO recommends some drug combinations against malaria. Consult your personal physician on this matter. If you are planning another long distance flight, here are a few tips for your health:

  • Drink sufficient fluids
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes
  • Avoid smoking and alcoholic beverages
  • Perform physical exercises like walking around the lounge.

Stretch your feet and legs while seated on the aircraft. You may keep your safety belt fastened and avoid unnecessary walking in flight as this may compromise safety. Consult your physician if you have had recent surgery, abnormalities in the blood circulation, hormone treatment, respiratory difficulties or family history of deep vein thrombosis DVT.

First Aid

First Aid and Ambulance service is available 24hrs. Entebbe General Referral Hospital is a 5-minutes’ drive from the Airport. This is the main hospital for the municipality of Entebbe.

Yellow Fever

A Yellow Fever certificate is required for all arriving passengers. The charge is US $ 40 for the vaccination at the Airport Medical Centre.