Airside Safety Committee (ASC)

The Airside Safety Committee (ASC) is composed of representative from:

UCAA Airport Management

  • General Manager – Chairman
  • Airport Operations
  • Aviation Security
  • Terminal Management

UCAA Flight Safety Personnel


Ground Handling Agents

  • National Aviation Services (NAS)
  • DAS Handling Ltd
  • Fresh Handling Ltd

Fueling Companies


The ASC meets quarterly to review airside incidents and accidents recorded over the period and prescribe solutions

Training of Airside Drivers


All drivers of ground handling equipment and all staff operating vehicles on airside are trained on airside traffic code and issued Airside Driving Permits (ADP) renewable every two years

Control of Foreign Object Damage (FOD)


Movement areas are inspected at least three times daily. Any foreign object deposits (FOD) found is swept away. Aircraft parking stands are checked before parking an aircraft to make sure FOD are removed. Oil/fuel spillage is regularly scrubbed or flushed out by the handling agent, fuelling company or the apron maintenance contractor whenever there is spillage. Pavement damages are urgently attended to

Pavement Markings


Pavement markings are inspected and repainted regularly.

Reflective Jackets


All airside workers are obliged to wear high visibility clothing reflective jackets in particular.

Fire Extinguishers


All airside vehicles/equipment are required to be equipped with serviceable fire extinguisher and flashing beacons. No smoking is permitted on airside.

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