Upcountry Airfields Upgrade

April 12 2018

Upcountry airfields at Kasese, Gulu and Arua are planned for upgrade to International Standards.

Arua and Kasese airfields are in particular planned for development to airports of category 4C that can handle aircraft of size B737 – 500 series. The master plan and preliminary engineering designs for Arua and Gulu have been completed. The plans provide for a code 4D runway of 2700metres by 45metres for Arua.

In relation to Gulu, the plans detail construction of a new runway (3100 metres by 60 metres), new taxiways, a new apron, a new passenger terminal building, cargo complex, a new car park, access road, control tower and a new fire station.The first phase of this project is estimated to cost 56 million US dollars.

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